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In 1995, I started the supply company called TIME MACHINE. Over the last 18 years, I have written articles on the science of the art for Skin and Ink Magazine, as well as many other industry publications. I have been a tattooist for over 40 years and in all that time, my goal has always been a continuing understanding in the field of electromagnetism. More specifically as it applies to our art form being the tattoo machinery, the pigment sciences, and direct relation to our craft.


Over time, I have learned many technical strategies to improve the function as well as the overall performance issues of the devices of our trade. The tattoo machine, as simple as it may seem, in its function, is a very complex device. This on going study has been dedicated and perfecting the quality and performance of the harmonious magnetic balance through the science of metallurgy to achieve perfection, in movement as well as our ergonomic comfort.


You will also notice, I’m building not just my own production machines, but customizing not only my own designs, but taking perfect geometry of others and putting my own spin on them in the future.


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